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35 years in the recruitment & staffing world. Since 2012 I have been providing strategic M&A advisory and operational consulting services to the staffing industry. My 32 years of third-party recruitment experience include functioning as an employee and as an Owner/Operator.

I feel fortunate to have gained experience launching, growing and managing third-party staffing companies with revenues as high as $40 million. That experience includes IT, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Administrative and Supply Chain Management staffing businesses. I started my career focused on direct-hire and transitioned to a contract/temp focus in 1997.

As a passionate advocate for the staffing industry, I was instrumental in the creation of NACCB Canada (National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses) and served as a National board member for ACSESS (the Canadian version of ASA).

Please feel free to contact me when you have questions, want to share ideas or you think I can help. Email: Telephone: 416-229-6462.

I appreciate all comments and feedback, let's begin a conversation and learn from one another, thank you!