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I am a proud husband to a real life "Wonder Woman" and a proud father to a little girl that is the apple of my eye. While I consider being a husband and a father the most important work I do, my passion is also rooted in recruiting. After stumbling into the career I was baffled by the stigma recruiters and headhunters have brought upon themselves.

I have made it my mission to be different. To be people-centric. To fit, not fill. To be a partner, not a resume peddler. To be a ghostbuster and beat the stigma.

Today, I spearhead the Executive search division of Selective Staffing Solutions.

Anyone who has ever worked with a “typical” staffing agency or recruiting firm knows how impersonal the process can be. Over 15 years ago, Selective Staffing Solutions was formed to bring people-centric talent acquisition solutions to Western New York.

We set out to change the way candidates and businesses feel about working with recruiters, and we have.

We are a Western New York company with Western New York expertise and Western New York values. We know that when people are put to work in meaningful jobs, it has a positive impact on them, their employer and the community at large. By combining local expertise with cutting-edge technology and the reach of a national firm, we provide an experience that is unmatched in the industry.