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I work with staffing companies all over the US to help them deal with the Affordable Care Act. As a former stafing company owner, I understand that staffing firms need to identify the cost impact of various options under the ACA - providing coverage or paying the penalty. I can help do that, build a health plan within your budget and help manage health benefit costs to a lower price point than budget so your health plan becomes a profit center, not a drain on margin. And, yes, we have health insurance for temps - I'm doing it now with Group Major Medical insurance. With senior underwriting relationships in the C Suite of the major national health carriers, we are able to write ACA compliant health insurance for temps. But the real value of my work is doing financial modeling, compliance assistance, and strategic planning so your firm can not only survive the ACA, but use it as a way to grow market share. Nearly 100% of my work is with sttaffing firms. I'm an employee benefits consultant and broker with 30 years of health insurance experience. I am a frequent lecturer and seminar speaker to staffing industry groups - having been on the programs for ASA, SIA, NISA, ANSERTEAM, and many staffing peer groups and local and regional association meetings. Specialties: • Staffing • Stragegies for Dealing with the and Compliance with the Affordable Care Act • Insurance for temps • Designing & Implementing Effective Wellness Programs • Increasing Employee Engagement in Health Improvement Initiatives • Reducing Medical Claims • Seminars and Public Speaking • Self Insurance • Group Life and Disability Insurance Plans • Depth in Public Entities, Funeral Service, Marine and Non-Profit Industries