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I have been in Marketing for almost 12 years now. I began at a marketing agency, learning SEO, PPC, website creation, design, and client relations.

In recent years, I have been focused on Category Design. I've had the opportunity to introduce new categories to outdated markets in the beverage, professional services, and staffing industries.

I have also worked in SaaS, Consumer Products, and Professional Service industries. X3 is the first company I've been a part of in the Staffing world.

I'm active in my local community, frequently attending meet-ups and other get together to talk with and learn from other marketers. 

My areas of expertise include SEO, website design and creation, branding, content (creation and marketing), CRO, and social media creative.  I'm also actively studying AI and valuable use cases in marketing. 
I also have experience (not an expert by any means) doing PPC, paid social, social community engagement, general design, and other random marketing stuff.