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"It's really interesting when things come full circle because it feels familiar, yet somehow we are different."

When I talk about things coming full circle, I'm talking about my adventures in the workplace. Since I was 15 years old, I've always had some type of job. During my high school years I worked part-time at the local amusement park. When I was home on college breaks I filled any job openings my mom needed for her employment agency, which was a second-generation business originally started by my grandmother in Richmond, Virginia. I was hungry to work and loved having the independence that earning money provided.

After graduating college, I returned home to work alongside my mom at her employment agency. That's when I learned how to network with business partners, listen to job seekers share their personal goals and stories, and the value of getting involved in the community. After a few years working with my mom, I decided to branch out into the growing healthcare sales industry.

Fast forward to March 2015, and my mom unexpectedly passed away with no real succession plan for her employment agency. My siblings and I wanted to continue this family legacy, but with all of us on different job paths with young could it happen? After a lot of deliberation, conversations with fellow business owners, support from friends and family, and running (I love to run) I decided to take over the business and rebrand it as Matern Staffing, paying homage to my mom.

Returning to the recruiting industry is exciting and challenging. I'm so grateful to our loyal staff, employees and clients who have stayed by us all these years. I love reconnecting with local business leaders from my younger days while developing new partnerships. I'm not afraid to experiment with new processes/technologies and set high expectations, while asking lots of questions along the way. I look forward to leading Matern Staffing into the next decade by carrying on my family's tradition of strengthening the workforce by placing job seekers with the region's best companies at Matern Staffing, Inc.

When I'm not recruiting or talking to local hiring managers, you can find me running races (I love to run), hanging out with my adorable daughter, or sipping a local brew or prosecco at the newest watering hole.