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I’m originally from Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom. We have a public health service. So I never imagined I’d be doing this. It seems everyone “fell” into staffing. To me, my entrance seems logical. I went to China to do an internship. There I discovered a booming English teaching industry. But with millions of students signing up, the Chinese companies had a problem: recruiting. You think hiring in the USA is hard? Imagine having to staff 100s of positions a month but you can ONLY hire people who live in China. My first business addressed this problem. It didn’t work out, but was an excellent springboard for my healthcare staffing agency.

Applichat Healthcare is focused on getting hospitals, home health agencies. & senior living orgs increased applications, interviews and hires via effective proprietary candidates generation strategies.

We are the premier agency to deliver:

✅ Sourcing: target across non job-board channels to the 2.2m RNs who use them each day.

✅ Pre-Screening: automated messaging asks your important questions so only qualified nurses apply.

✅ Interview Booking: applicants you like are forwarded to a calendar to book into your schedule.

✅ Reminders: nobody likes a no show. We use text, email, and messenger to do a multi-channel warm up.

Outside of work, I am passionate about salsa dancing. I love getting lost in the music and connecting with new people. Reading is another enjoyment of mine, in particular history. Getting lost in an old city is my favourite past-time.