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ABBTECH and I have TWO GOALS: 1. Helping people find valuable work opportunities! 2. Providing well-qualified candidates for growing companies/organizations! ******************************************************************* Welcome to my profile on LinkedIn and THANK YOU for visiting!!! Feel free to contact me if you are looking for: ✔ An expert in staffing and IT/Professional services ✔ Flexible staffing programs ✔ A commitment to "solutions" vs. "problems" - we can work through your hiring challenges ✔ A commitment to seeing our services through your eyes ✔ A commitment to supporting you on your way to the top ✔ A commitment to maintaining a positive attitude ✔ Someone who expects to succeed each day ✔ Someone who takes pride in their profession - we change people's lives ✔ A culture based on professionalism, realism, honesty and integrity ✔ Continuously learning and willing to share with others I am interested in talking with you if you: ❶ Have questions ❷ Looking for advice ❸ Want to brainstorm on ways to help each other ❹ Are looking for a job ❺ Are looking to hire someone ABBTECH is recognized as a specialist in the art of creative recruiting and staffing resources that supplement and complement our clients vast experience and expertise. We are a family owned and operated, second generation, woman owned business with two GSA Schedules. I am available and at your service! ✆ If you're a phone person, here's my office: 703-450-5252 x211. ☎ If you're a text person, here's my cell: 703-489-6154. @ If you're an email person, here's my address: ♯ If you're a Twitter person, here's my username: @ABBTECH or @ABBTECHJobs ✔ If you’re looking for career opportunities and excellent job search tools: Lastly, if it is important CALL me! If not, send me an email. THANK YOU!