Sales Seduction

By Scott Wintrip posted 03-10-2014 10:46


All too often, salespeople fall in love with their prospective deals. When they do, this unhealthy attachment allows them to believe they’ve put in enough effort because they’re quite certain these deals are going to pay off. Like a jilted lover, they all too often find themselves with empty pipelines when some, if not all, of these possibilities evaporate for one reason or another.

Sales Seduction is an all too common reality that stems from the monogamous mindset of salespeople at all levels of tenure. The most savvy sales pros know that Sales Polygamy is the best way to maintain a growing book of business. The Sales Polygamist procreates value for customers and reciprocal wealth for his or her company by being a serial dater of lots of prospects, some of whom will buy into professional matrimony.

Monogamy is healthy when it comes to human partnerships at home, but dangerous in sales relationships where buyers can be woo’d away by the competition when you least expect it.

Be grateful for, but never satisfied with any one prospect or any one deal. The moment you become attached is when you’re likely to find yourself standing alone at the altar, with lots of explaining to do to your boss.