Data-Driven Recruitment for Staffing Companies - Why Employee Productivity Monitoring is the Key to Success

By Nadine Sarraf posted 09-05-2023 22:30


It’s not rocket science. Employees who put in the work get the best results. In the staffing industry in particular, there’s a direct link between recruiter productivity and revenue growth - the more work put in, the better the outcome. But how can you nurture and track those contributions to deliver even more growth?

An Employee Productivity Monitoring (EPM) solution is a great place to start. Staffing firms often struggle to track performance as they don’t have a clear line of sight into their team’s daily activities - they may have reams of valuable data but no easy way to analyze it. While other industries rely on leading indicators, recruiters are generally working from a more reactive approach, going by lagging indicators that aren’t as helpful in shaping future outcomes. 

Employee productivity trackers fill that gap, giving staffing managers the data they need to make the most of their resources, manage their teams, and leverage productivity to generate sustainable results.

How can staffing companies utilize employee tracking?

  1. Seamless data aggregation 

Leading productivity monitoring tools collect vast amounts of data in real-time and automatically organize, sort, and store that data into a single interface. This is a huge timesaver for busy staffing firms who don’t have the time or resources to individually analyze every application in their tech stack. Actionable insights help managers gauge their recruiter’s progress and identify trends over time. their progress and identify trends over time.

  1. Holistic view into individual, team, and departmental productivity

You can get as granular as you want by honing in on an individual’s performance or getting a bird’s eye view of departmental productivity as a whole. Platforms offer productivity scores for individuals, departments, and the organization overall so managers can track trends, compare teams, and monitor progress over time.

  1. Optimized onboarding

Using an EPM solution like Prodoscore allows managers to see exactly what their star employees are up to and leverage that data to improve performance across their team. For example, if your best recruiter is spending a few hours each morning on outbound calls, but setting aside afternoons to engage with clients on LinkedIn, you’ll know about it. And you can use that successful template to better train both new hires and current staff.

Used in this way, the productivity data collected can help with setting benchmarks, informing your training, and onboarding new employees with current and relevant insights so they can hit the ground running. 

4. Reliable results and consistent workflows

With the right data, you can see what your recruiting team is up to on a daily basis and therefore identify which workflows are producing the best results. That information is key for ensuring consistency across teams, maintaining results, and enabling managers to set achievable goals and KPIs.

5. Spot burnout

It’s common for team leaders to rely on their high-value employees, but these superstars are very vulnerable to burnout as they try to keep up with the pressure of consistently over-achieving. 

Managers get an accurate picture of employee performance over time so they can see who’s routinely putting in extra effort and may be headed for burnout. This allows leaders to take a proactive approach, stopping burnout in its tracks by flagging early indicators such as sharp dips in productivity. This kind of immediate intervention ensures you don’t lose your top performers to stress and exhaustion.

6. Drive tool adoption 

With the evolution of work, office tech stacks have grown to become complex webs that can easily drain productivity as employees hop from one to the next.

By monitoring how your team engages with cloud-based tools, you can see exactly what applications are most useful to them, and which they can live without. Using Prodoscore’s data, managers can continually review their current tech stacks to see where they can make them leaner and more efficient, as well as highlight any gaps that are holding recruiters back from becoming more productive.

EPM tools, like Prodoscore are fast becoming a must-have solution among the staffing industry as companies seek greater visibility into recruiter engagement. Get in touch today to schedule a demonstration and discover how we can help your team reach its potential and drive growth.