How to Make Your Company Attractive in a Competitive Market

By Augusta Henning posted 01-16-2020 06:46


Despite ongoing political and economic uncertainty, and the recent conflict with Iran, the U.S. job market continues to show subtle signs of strength.  

Indeed, data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in late December reveals that unemployment rates dropped in six states; and remained stable in 38 more. What’s more, during November the biggest job increases appeared in Texas (+37,500), Michigan (+24,800), and Virginia (+17,700).  

At the same, employer confidence is on the rise, after a turbulent start to 2019. A resounding twenty-five states saw growth in the number of jobs added throughout the whole of 2019, with Texas, California and Florida leading the way.  

But with so many employers putting more effort into their hiring strategy, how can you make your roles more appealing; and attract more applications to your jobs? We’ve put together these top tips to help your company thrive in a competitive market! 

Write Great Job Adverts 

Your company might be a fantastic organization to work for; but none of that matters if you write a bad job advert.  

Be sure to include all the benefits and perks of working for your business. If you can offer a better salary than your competitors, it’s important that you highlight this in your job description. If you can’t offer a high wage, then focus your advert on any other perks that could set you apart from the competition. 

As an employer or business owner, you’re obviously passionate about your company. So, make sure you show this off in your job posting! While it’s important to include the responsibilities and requirements of the role; you also need to sell your business to prospective candidates. 

Be sure to incorporate information about your company culture; including any perks or fun social events that the business organizes. This will position you as an employer of choice and help you secure top talent. 

Use the Right Tools 

However, if you aren’t advertising your jobs in the right places then having a great job adverwon’t get you very far. 

Job boards like Resume-Library are great tools to help get your vacancies in front of millions of active candidates. Using this resource, coupled with your now-perfect job advert, will give you a huge pool of talent to choose from.  

In fact, you can even use the extensive databases of some job boards to source the best candidates yourself; instead of waiting for them to come to you.  

It’s also important to utilize your company’s social media profiles to advertise your jobs. Through your professional network, or by using popular hashtags like #salesjobs or #marketingjobs, you’ll attract a lot more candidates. It’s all about being proactive and creating a positive digital presence.   

Offer the Right Perks 

Any company can offer basic workplace perks and an average salary; but in a competitive market, you need to stand out.  

A great way to make your company more attractive is by offering the benefits that candidates actually want. This could be anything from remote working, to discounts on gym memberships. If you can provide work perks that will encourage a strong work-life balance, then you’ll definitely get more interest from applicants.  

Anything that will make a candidate feel valued will go a long way towards making your company more attractive to job hunters.  

Prioritize Your Company Culture  

Creating a welcoming company culture should be a priority. After all, it helps you to attract and retain top talent.  

Every candidate wants to work somewhere they will enjoy and fit in. You can create a positive workplace culture by avoiding micromanaging, keeping an open line of communication with your staff and caring about your employees’ development and career paths 

Not only will this attract candidates in the short-term; but it will improve the productivity and happiness of your staff in the long run. Ultimately, this will make it easier to reach your business goals and give you an edge over your competitors. 

How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market 

If you can implement all these tips, you’ll be one step closer to making your company more attractive to candidates. However, these aren’t overnight changes, especially if you want to change your company culture and workplace environment. While it may take some time to implement, these changes are definitely worth making in the long run.  

With more job vacancies on the market in 2020, candidates continue to hold the power. So, if you want to get ahead with your hiring process this year, it’s time to put the needs of your applicants first.