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Volunteering with ASA provides many benefits including the opportunity to network with your peers, learn about trends and best practices, and build upon your experiences and knowledge.

To find an opportunity that fits your interests, review the various opportunities below and then use the “Apply Today” button to submit your application. NOTE: Volunteer opportunities are limited to ASA members. Please be sure to login before applying. Questions? Email volunteer@americanstaffing.net.


Hear from our ASA Volunteers:

"Our industry is incredibly competitive, and what I think is so great about volunteering and being involved is that we set aside that competition with each other and work towards elevating one another and our industry as a whole. There is so much potential for our businesses, that when we work together and learn from one another we can achieve more, and impact more."
-Heather Farr, Vision Staffing Solutions Inc. 

"Volunteering with ASA has so many benefits such as increasing your confidence, industry knowledge and professional network. If you have never volunteered before, I would highly recommend volunteering! I have been volunteering with ASA...  for the past 12 years and it is one of the best investments I've made in my career. ASA is so helpful and makes volunteering a breeze."
-Sara Luchsinger, SEEK Careers/Staffing Inc.

"I also can't imagine NOT volunteering with ASA. I'm a big believer that if I'm going to join an association, I'm going to be actively involved. There is no better, or quicker way to realize the full benefits of an organization than to volunteer. I completely agree with [others] that have said they have received back way more from volunteering than they have given. I strongly recommend to anyone that wants to get the most out of ASA to become a volunteer."
Thomas Erb, Tallann Resources LLC

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Get Involved: Volunteer Opportunities With ASA

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12-31-2021 (signup deadline)
Less than an hour
10-31-2021 (signup deadline)
10 to 20 hours
10-31-2021 (signup deadline)
10 to 20 hours
10-31-2021 (signup deadline)
10 to 20 hours