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Top 10 Trends: How does your business reflect these?

  • 1.  Top 10 Trends: How does your business reflect these?

    Posted 01-26-2023 14:34
    Edited by Alison Donato 01-26-2023 14:34

    To help you make strategic decisions, ASA has compiled the Top 10 Staffing Trends for 2023 and provided curated resources for each! Today I wanted to highlight the next set of trends for 2023:

    Trend No. 4 Upskilling and Reskilling
    Trend No. 5 Agility and Preparedness
    Trend No. 6 Leveraging Technology

    My questions regarding these trends...

    • How are you taking steps to upskill and reskill your current employees to better serve customers?
    • How are you preparing now for possible future disruptions and opportunities?
    • How have you embraced new staffing technology or other tech?

    You can visit to see the full list of trends, along with more resources and bonus content.

    Want to learn more about these trends? Sign up for the upcoming ASA Webinar on February 9!

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