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  • 1.  Onboarding Compliance

    Posted 08-08-2022 16:31
    I was hoping to hear how folks are handling onboarding compliance. We onboard in offices and remotely, predominately for light industrial workers, our onboarding volume is high and will be doubling shortly. We currently audit all new starts to ensure everyone has an I-9/E-Verify and other pre-screening is completed, but I can't see that as scalable. Any best practices in conducting sample audits? If onboarding is automated, what system do you use, and do you find there are a lot of errors, even with the automation?

    Thank you

    Wendy Moscowitz
    Director of Compliance US
    Staffing 360 Solutions

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  • 2.  RE: Onboarding Compliance

    Posted 08-10-2022 12:23
    Hi Wendy, have you fully digitized your onboarding process or is most of the effort manual?   Much of what you are asking can be automated with the right components in place.  Ideally your onboarding solution would integrate with your ATS so that you can setup compliance at a system wide level (All workers regardless of client must have the minimum docs on file), client or location level compliance (in addition, workers that work for these clients/locations must meet these additional criteria), and then also job level compliance (in addition, certain jobs require these additional docs, licenses, certs, etc..).    

    As long as you set it up correctly in the beginning, your onboarding and/or ATS should warn recruiters that certain workers are out of compliance and what docs, etc.. are required or remaining in order to bring those candidates into compliance.  Really good systems will allow you to block your recruiters from finalizing assignments until compliance is achieved.   

    Finally, a good onboarding solution should help automate the I-9 verification process as much as possible by allowing you to auto-submit to eVerify, as well as designate third party verifiers to lessen the burden on your internal staff and limit the need for workers to come in JUST to do that part of the process.  You can fully automate most of this so that the process is the same both in person or remotely, and when people do show up at your physical locations.    You can do the same with WOTC so that the data you collect during the onboarding process can be tracked easily and efficiently and submitted to the WOTC provider you work with for maximum tax benefits.  

    Hope this helps!

    Bryan Wilson
    VP Strategy
    StaffUpApp LLC
    Portland OR

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  • 3.  RE: Onboarding Compliance

    Posted 08-11-2022 11:03
    Hi Wendy, what do you mean by "auditing" all new starts? Are you utilizing an electronic system to manage your I-9 process?

    Sean Barber
    Pluto Healthcare
    Columbus OH
    (513) 600-7331

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  • 4.  RE: Onboarding Compliance

    2020 Staffing World Presenter
    Posted 08-18-2022 10:30
    Hi Wendy - 
    You may want to talk with your ATS provider to see if they have tools in your current system to help with this.  We set up hard and soft warnings (or stops) that will prohibit an employee being placed on an assignment with our criteria being met.  This ensures that no one is placed without an I-9 and E-Verify being completed.  This has been a very effective solution for our company to make sure we have the proper paperwork on file  for all new hires.  The form itself doesn't allow for wrong information to be listed or completed which has been very helpful.

    Sara Luchsinger CSP
    Vice President of Organizational Development
    SEEK Careers / Staffing Inc.
    Grafton WI
    (262) 377-8888

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