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  • 1.  Mental Health Awareness

    Posted 12-15-2022 11:48
    I am working on an initiative to address the mental health of our associates.  I believe it will be difficult to reach all of our workers at the different client sites, but I feel that it is important and necessary to try.  Have you had any experience in creating an outreach like this for your temporary workers?  Do you have any advice on starting a campaign?

    Cheryl Douglas CSP
    Operations Manager
    Gaffney SC
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  • 2.  RE: Mental Health Awareness

    Posted 12-16-2022 09:05
    Edited by Laura Fuller 12-16-2022 09:06
    Hi Cheryl, This is a very important initiative to help not only your internal team but your whole workforce. One of our clients is using technology and an online counseling service to help with isolation and burnout, bringing humans back into interaction. Happy to make an introduction if you're looking for an investment like this. Our customer's recruitment focus is within the travel nurse/allied space.  I have worked with organizations that have offered discounts to apps like headspace, calm, ClassPass, and Betterme. There are many so before you drill into all of them, I would look at what you're trying to address and offer to your workforce and then see what would be the best solution. Mental Health has a very broad spectrum. You need to try to get some data behind your associates' needs.   See what your insurance provider offers, they might have some free resources that you can use if you're looking to put messaging around this in your outreach.

    Laura Fuller
    Director of Sales
    Austin TX

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  • 3.  RE: Mental Health Awareness

    Posted 12-16-2022 16:12
    Edited by Richard Rosner 12-16-2022 16:13
    Hi Cheryl,

    I put together "Everyone Matters" campaign with all of my associates(teammates is what I call them)!
    They have access to text/call at any given time to discuss life/work and self-care!

    I even have several that will meet me at the gym for a workout. 
    I can assist on putting something in place for your company-that will work wonders for everyone!

    Trust me, when my teammates say "SHARK" you are always there for me and you care-its the best feeling in the world.
    Plus the teammates will work harder for your company and be your friend for LIFE! 

    We all must think like a social worker and assist in anyway we can!!
    This is what our INDUSTRY IS ALL ABOUT!!

    Lets chat sometime-Always here to Help!

    Richard Rosner
    Founder-Job Agent
    Staffing Shark
    Lemont Furnace PA
    (724) 880-6760

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