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  • 1.  Interview Show-up rate - Scheduled vs Arrived %

    Posted 10-14-2022 09:38
    Most staffing companies, as well as numerous other businesses/restaurants, are  struggling with Interview "show-up rates" (i.e. Scheduled vs Arrived %) 
    Is a normal acceptable  "show-up rate"  30%, 40% ??      1 out of 3 industrial/labor/warehouse candidates show for interview, is that what others are experiencing?   Can ASA members give suggestions/tips or best practices  of how we ALL can improve this problem?

    Kent Castelluccio
    Area Temps Inc.
    Independence OH
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  • 2.  RE: Interview Show-up rate - Scheduled vs Arrived %

    Posted 10-21-2022 09:19
    Edited by Robert Kelly 10-21-2022 09:20

    Kent, you are not alone, friend! Yes, that is exactly our scenario as well. Industrial interviews are better than administrative/professional. What we have changed is a lot more communication before. Talking about job opportunities related to their skills - and then tying their interview to that opportunity. Also, we've been having a bit more of a commitment when we offer to market them out to their top prospective companies, giving them the feeling that there's more than meets the job board (if Optimus Prime was a Recruiter). We've tried scheduling apps, like Calendly, with our Administrative/Professional divisions which remind the candidate the day before and 2 hours before their scheduled interview. Still, we are good to see the 40-50% turnout rate.

    Sure, we'll call to see what happened, and give them another chance - but if we schedule you twice for an interview and you still don't show up... that's like a no-call/no-show on a job at that point, and none of us like you anymore. As my old manager always told me, they're temps for a reason - and you'll most likely see them again within a year. 

    We keep notes in the system of these "ghostly" offenders that haunt our days, or as the kids say "I have receipts".

    Best of luck to you and the team. 

    Robert Kelly, TSC, CSP, CWCP
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