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  • 1.  GIfts to Team Members on Assignment

    Posted 10-20-2022 17:03
    I am wondering what other companies do in regards to presents for their temps on assignment for the holidays, do you send them a gift?

    Thank you

    Stephani Jensen TSC, CSP
    HR Manager
    Amtec Inc.
    Chino Hills CA
    (714) 986-5502
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  • 2.  RE: GIfts to Team Members on Assignment

    Posted 10-21-2022 08:10

    We send something different every year.  We have sent mugs filled with candy, popcorn, chocolate covered Oreos, etc.  I think it's nice to show appreciation.


    Jennifer Conrad

    Birch Agency | President, Director of Midwest Region

    Office: 727-781-7812

    Fax: 727-647-0704


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  • 3.  RE: GIfts to Team Members on Assignment

    Posted 10-21-2022 08:44
    For all consultants out in the field, corp2corp and W2, we give them the latest logo'ed mug, water bottle, etc. Good branding and awareness for us (pre-Covid) to have that on their desk at the client.

    For W2s out in the field we also send them a gift card (Starbucks, Amazon, Visa, etc). Anyone with us less than a year gets $50...1-2 years gets $100, 2+ gets $200. We think it's a small price to pay and all of them are appreciative (and usually surprised they are getting one).

    Noel Wolf 
    Managing Partner / Collinwood 

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  • 4.  RE: GIfts to Team Members on Assignment

    Posted 10-21-2022 09:05
    Edited by Robert Kelly 10-21-2022 09:06
    Hi, Stephani. First of all, I love that you're doing something at all... which is really thoughtful. For about 20 years now, our company has given out frozen turkeys the week before Christmas for their holiday dinners. We'd work out a deal with our local grocery stores (you'd be amazed at how many extra turkeys they have after Thanksgiving), get them to deliver them to our office, and then have them available for pick-up from like 10:00 AM until supplies are gone. We normally order around 80% of our total workforce, and there is usually a few left. 

    Cost-wise, it comes to about $12-13/each, and usually accompanied by a coupon to that grocery store for whatever else they need. We thought about doing something different, but rarely can we keep it to that amount per temp. One year, we got everyone a Kroger gift card for about the same, and it just didn't hit like a 10-12 lb. turkey. :) 

    On top of this, we also ask clients for a few families that could use extra help during the holidays (gifts for kids, paying a power bill, etc.) and that usually is a more discreet thing, but man - it's a life changer for the recipients. 

    Thought I'd share that with you. 

    God bless any effort you choose to pursue,

    Robert Kelly, TSC, CSP, CWCP
    Vice President
    Augusta Staffing Associates
    Martinez GA
    (706) 860-4820

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