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    Posted 06-14-2022 15:43
    Hi All,

    We are looking to revamp our email signatures and we use Outlook. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to include awards in your signature? We've won 5+ awards that we would love to showcase, but adding a bullet for each achievement looks so bulky.
    As for the design element, I had one colleague suggest designing our signature in Canva, which I will definitely try, as we have used Word in the past for our simple signatures. 

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Alexa McHale
    Marketing Manager
    Graham Personnel Services
    Greensboro, NC
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  • 2.  RE: Email Signature Content & Design

    Posted 06-15-2022 07:47


    Great question!  We went through the same exercise and realized how difficult it was to standardize signatures across the company.  

    We utilize Email Signature Rescue -, but this is just one of MANY companies that provided standardized email signature support.  There is a small cost once you get to a specific size, but it works really well!

    AtWork For You,


    Jason Leverant
    President & COO
    Atwork Group
    Knoxville TN
    (865) 824-0021
    Certs: TSC, CSP, CSC, CHP

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  • 3.  RE: Email Signature Content & Design

    Posted 06-16-2022 07:51
    Edited by Lana Johnson 06-16-2022 07:57
    Hi Alexa - I use Canva pretty extensively and you can definitely create email signatures using the tool. Here is an article that might be helpful:

    I have also found some tools specific to email signature management that worked really well. They might work for you, depending on the size of your company. They allow you to customize email signatures and push them out automatically to staff, which saves a lot of time. One that I've used is is a similar tool. 

    If you just want to create a signature, you might try Email Signature Rescue. They have templates you can use and the cost is fairly minimal:

    Hope this helps!

    Lana Johnson
    CEO & Founder
    Elevation Talent Group
    Darien IL

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  • 4.  RE: Email Signature Content & Design

    Posted 06-19-2022 20:12
    Edited by Jeff Pelliccio 06-19-2022 20:13

    Hi @Alexandra McHale,

    Congrats on the awards! And design is a great way to highlight your accomplishments without the bulk of the bullets. Something to keep in mind though is when you design an image and attach it to Outlook it will likely get pixelated in use. One of the tools I've used in the past (when I worked at ICS and for myself today) is  to setup the images as an html. The nice thing is that it connects directly to your O365 Azure and Active Directory, so while giving them a refresh you can also standardize them for your entire group.

    Let me know if you have any questions or need help getting it setup. Like I said, I set it up for 165 employees at ICS and now I'm using it for myself with 15 people.

    I hope this is helpful :-)

    Jeff Pelliccio
    Allied Insight

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