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  • 1.  ASA Central #Wrapped!

    Posted 12-19-2022 15:48
    Edited by Alison Donato 12-19-2022 15:48

    Hi ASA Central, 

    If you're a Spotify user, each year you get a personalized "Wrapped," an annual summary of your listening habits. It's a fun way to reflect on the year and share your highlights with the world.  

    We loved the idea so we're jumping on the bandwagon! Here is our version of ASA Central Wrapped for 2022: 

    • Over 5,400 members logged into ASA Central to participate in 767 new discussion threads! 
    • The Staffing World Attendee Community was the place to be leading up to a memorable time in Vegas, with more than 250 discussion posts. 
    • Top threads in the ASA Central Network covered ATS systems, books on your reading list and legal counsel recommendations.
    • We celebrated our 9th anniversary as a community (stay tuned in 2023 for our 10th anniversary celebration!)

    We would love to hear what would be on your professional highlight reel for the year… maybe a career change, certification you earned, or lesson learned from an event you attended?  

    Looking forward to hearing your stories and accomplishments! 

    P.S. If you did change jobs or titles this year, don't forget to let us know by updating your ASA Member Profile


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