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  • 1.  Day Laborers

    Posted 05-18-2021 16:15
    Are we able to hire Day Laborers in NY to load trucks?

    Jessica Flores
    Recruiting Manager
    1st Stop Staffing
    Englewood Cliffs NJ
    (646) 523-6523
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  • 2.  RE: Day Laborers

    Posted 05-19-2021 08:28
    Edited by Alison Donato 05-19-2021 12:29

    I find your question a little ambiguous, so here's my two cents! On many insurance policies the hiring/usage of "day laborers" do not fall within the covered guidelines.  Since it's likely they're not being represented by a union or officially recognized as employees, day laborers often have trouble getting paid after an injury sustained at work, so WC claims get a little hairy.  I'd highly recommend you reach out to your insurance broker or carrier to determine if coverage would extend.   

    Samantha Muraco

    Samantha Muraco
    Marketing Representative
    World Wide Specialty Programs Inc.
    Melville NY
    (631) 390-0900 x 124

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  • 3.  RE: Day Laborers

    Posted 05-20-2021 09:29
    Hi Jessica, Samantha makes a good reference to checking with your insurance policy. I see you're in NJ and asking about NY, I would make sure with your agency that you are licensed to do business in NY. Probably run it by your management to make sure they approve of the nature of the business and position. We tend to stay away from day labor and our recruiters run all job orders by our President. Each agency is going to have it's on niche.

    Jamie Stafford CSP
    Risk Manager
    Key Staffing
    Topeka KS
    (785) 272-9999

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