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Colorado Staffing Agencies - Covid and Paid Sick Leave Expenses

  • 1.  Colorado Staffing Agencies - Covid and Paid Sick Leave Expenses

    2020 Staffing World Attendee
    Posted 11-17-2021 14:21
    Hello to all my fellow Colorado Staffing Agencies out there!

    Staffing agencies in Colorado have all experienced hardship because of the Colorado Healthy Family Workplace Act requiring us to pay for the 48 hours of paid sick leave but now as of September 30th,  the FFCRA Tax Credit has ended and we are now burdened with paying Healthy Family Workplace Act Paid Sick Leave AND now all CoVid related wages.

    It's impossible to absorb these costs,  depending on your GM and Markup, it could eat most, if not all of the profit you would make on the position. I am having some clients balk at this and question that its just us wanting to raise our rates or charge them more.

    Are you having issues with this and is the your company just absorbing these costs? I'm just asking around to see if I am alone in not being able to absorb this. I've asked a few others and they are having to bill for it too.

    Leona Willener CSP, Owner/President
    Front Range Staffing of Colorado
    (719) 323-6632
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