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  • 1.  Social Media for Applications

    Posted 12-13-2021 10:29
    Hey All,

    We are very active on our social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter); Facebook is our biggest pull for applications currently and we're looking for ways to continue to increase that pull on Facebook and especially on the other platforms. Does anyone have any tips, tools, resources that they use to increase the effectiveness of their social media? We would appreciate any kind of help and I'd be happy to hop on a call to discuss.

    Thank you!

    Alexa McHale
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    Graham Personnel Services
    Greensboro, NC
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  • 2.  RE: Social Media for Applications

    2020 Staffing World Attendee
    Posted 12-14-2021 09:33
    Hi Alexa,

    We also use social media for our job advertising. It is a great way to bring in applicants you may not have been able to reach through other avenues. One thing that would be helpful is to automate that so you don't have to manually post. There are various companies such as Haley Marketing, Pandologic, and others that will push out your job posts to various job search sites and social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Rachel Telinda
    Operations Manager
    Fairfield OH
    (513) 829-7764

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  • 3.  RE: Social Media for Applications

    Posted 12-14-2021 10:19
    Hi Rachel,

    We use Sprout Social that allows me to draft and schedule posts for a later time/day which has helped tremendously, but that is only for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, and Instagram. It doesn't include job sites, so I will take a look into those options. Thank you!

    Alexa McHale
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    Graham Personnel Services
    Greensboro, NC

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  • 4.  RE: Social Media for Applications

    Posted 12-15-2021 08:09

    Hi Alexa!

    Social media provides fantastic results with the right strategy, but a lot goes into it! Each platform is a little unique. Active candidates need different candidate from passive candidates - and both are spending a lot of time on social media!

    The quick recap is:

    • Have a business goal tied to your social strategy - just like the job boards, don't just post and pray. Avoid just doing social to do social - every post must have a purpose.
    • Know which platform YOUR audience is on
    • Have a consistent content strategy
    • Make conversions simple - reduce friction like Amazon does. How easy is it to read and convert on mobile?)

    A further breakdown of how to amplify your social media reach and results.


    • Social strategy
      • Build followers to company pages (organic growth, Like campaigns)
      • If you can, get recruiters to build talent networks (posting in Groups is very successful)
      • Share a mix of content
        • Some jobs
        • Employment brand – why you're the best staffing partner in town, great people, etc.
        • Content that shows your warmth – celebrate your employees, holidays, community events
        • Some educational content / resources from your website
      • When posting jobs
        • Include client names and logos if those companies are a draw
        • Emphasis your top pay rates
        • Give people a reason to look for new opportunities (we need thumb-stopping imagery and content. What gets someone to stop the scroll? Then, what gets them to click and convert!)
      • Have three content strategies
        • One for active job seekers
        • One for passive job seekers
        • One to help your recruiters build their personal brands
      • Maximize organic reach
        • Share from company pages
        • Get team members to share (we use our own product NetSocial to automate this)
        • Use hashtags to make your content searchable (research on a platform like RiteTag - use the hashtags your audience is using)
        • Tag people who may be interested or could be a local influencer for your post
        • Post jobs in local Facebook groups (that are focused on job opportunities)
        • Get actively involved in local or industry Facebook and LinkedIn groups that cater to your ideal candidate communities (you often can't post jobs in these, but you can share content)
      • Invest in paid reach
        • Target ads by location, interest, job title (don't just boost!) - 
        • To re-engage and reactivate talent, invest in matched audience advertising - Returning website visitors convert 2X as often as new website visitors
      • Use the right social platforms to reach your target audience
        • But don't try to do everything…it's too much to manage!

    • Job ad distribution (beyond social - this helps reach active candidates)
      • If you are spending $2K a month or more on advertising, consider programmatic to use software to more efficiently manage your spending. Most often, you can get more candidates applying to more jobs…without having to increase your ad spend.
      • Get free distribution to smaller job sites.
      • Ensure your jobs are optimized (ideally on your company domain) for Google for Jobs.
      • Get your career portal integrated with Facebook jobs, so you get organic distribution to their network.

    Hope this helps - happy to connect on a call and talk further about your specific challenges and goals.


    Matt Lozar
    Director of Recruitment Marketing
    Haley Marketing Group Inc.
    Williamsville NY

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  • 5.  RE: Social Media for Applications

    Posted 12-15-2021 12:30
    Matt Lozar nailed it! Well done, Matt.

    Jay Mattern
    TerraFirma Marketing
    South Bend IN
    (574) 213-3855

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