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  • 1.  Best Practices for Safe Operations

    2020 Staffing World Attendee
    Posted 05-26-2020 12:06
    Edited by Deborah Miller 05-26-2020 14:44
    Good morning!  We are all operating our staffing businesses differently due to the COVID-19.  I would like to learn of some your best practices as we open our doors to our temporary staff.  What does it look like for you?  I know we are all in different phases of opening.  We are in Phase 2 here in North Carolina.  How are you handling interviews, onboarding, drug screens, etc.  Appreciate any ideas.


    Deborah Miller
    Vice President of Operations
    Conover, NC 28613
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  • 2.  RE: Best Practices for Safe Operations

    2020 Staffing World Presenter
    Posted 05-27-2020 10:11
    Hi Deborah  - 

    This is a great question.  We had to pivot and figure out how to do our business all virtually due to the pandemic.  Our business is primarily light industrial/manufacturing.  Our opening process is very slow and cautious. Our teams are working in our offices but we are not open to the public yet.  All interviews are done virtually and all onboarding paperwork is done online.  We are taking advantage of the DHS extension to be able to collect ID information virtually until June 19th.  On June 22nd, we are looking at opening by appointment only and limiting the number of people in our offices.  We will interview and have our employees stay in a specific areas of our office so we can disinfect those areas after each visitor.  We have gloves, masks and cleaning supplies in all loctions.  We will ask our teams to wear masks when dealing with the public until the CDC changes the guidelines.  We are looking at options to keep our public computers clean and safe. Drug screens have varied by client. We have switched to clinic drug testing for all our clients from the oral saliva and had some clients decide to forgo that testing during the pandemic. We do have a few that only want the oral saliva drug tess, and those we are doing curbside.  We bring the testing out to the person and have them fill out the forms.  They handle the test until we read it without handling it.  We then allow them to keep the test and don't touch it again.     This has been a very challenging time but the good news is that the technology out there is allowing us to continue recruting and filling jobs.  Our teams have been very creative to keep our business going.

    Sara Luchsinger PHR, CSP
    Vice President, Organizational Development
    SEEK Careers / Staffing Inc.
    Grafton WI
    (262) 377-8888

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