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  • 1.  PPP Forgiveness

    Posted 12-23-2020 12:35

    I am starting on our PPP forgiveness application and finding the calculation of FTE counts and safe harbors extremely challenging given we have a large variable workforce.  Does anyone have any sites or consultants that they have worked with that help explain or streamline this process?

    thank you and happy holidays!

    Meghan Trangsrud
    Minnesota Staffing LLC
    Minneapolis MN
    (612) 871-2505
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  • 2.  RE: PPP Forgiveness

    Posted 12-24-2020 09:19

    Megan - Speak with Jerry Grady at UHY for this.  He really is knowledgeable for this with his staffing clients and our firm shares many clients with him.  Jerry is a great guy and really works hard with his clients, you can reach Jerry with the information below:

    Jerry Grady
    Partner | UHY LLP
    455 E. Eisenhower, Suite 102, Ann Arbor, MI  48108
    D: 734 882 4610 | O: 734 213 1040 | F: 734 882 4606 |

    I hope this helps.


    Michael Bartels
    Chief Development Officer
    Becker LLC
    New York NY
    (973) 251-8905

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  • 3.  RE: PPP Forgiveness

    Posted 12-28-2020 07:52


    I would second Mike's recommendation to reach out to Jerry Grady and his team at UHY!  Very knowledgeable and great guys to work with

    Best Regards,


    Robert Mocerino
    Managing Director, Commercial Services , Staffing Division
    Sterling National Bank
    Jericho NY
    (516) 998-6000

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  • 4.  RE: PPP Forgiveness

    Posted 12-28-2020 13:00

    We use Tempworks as our software provider.  Their reports calculate the FTE as well as other data needed to complete the forgiveness application.  The reports are an Excel spreadsheet so they serve as the backup to submit with the application.  Tempworks reports were extremely valuable in completing the forgiveness application.

    If you use an outside vendor they may have the reports you need.

    Michael Emanuele
    Vice President
    Horizon Staffing Inc.
    Jonesboro GA
    (770) 961-0751

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  • 5.  RE: PPP Forgiveness

    Posted 12-29-2020 08:24

    Hi Meghan. If you have the opportunity, I'd reach out to Jerry Grady at UHY as well. He's a wonderful resource and will provide you great directions and resources. I serve on the Board with him at OSSA and he's helped many of my connections, and friends. 

    Jerry Grady
    Partner | UHY LLP
    455 E. Eisenhower, Suite 102, Ann Arbor, MI  48108
    D: 734 882 4610 | O: 734 213 1040 | F: 734 882 4606 |

    Chip Ramsey
    Director of Sales
    ScoutLogic Inc.
    Lincolnshire IL
    (800) 693-2709

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