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Indeed to enter staffing space

  • 1.  Indeed to enter staffing space

    Posted 11-19-2020 12:55
    I wanted to bring folks attention to another competitor entering the staffing space.  

    I did not find out directly from Indeed, but from a source familiar with their plans to launch fast across the US.

    A link to their intro platform here.  They are entering Dallas/Austin and other Texas location first.  

    Are they now friend or foe?

    Indeedflex remove preview
    Only verified job seekers can get access to shifts. To get verified, you'll need to attend an assessment session. During these sessions we will learn more about your experience and skill sets which help us to correctly assess which roles would suit you best.
    View this on Indeedflex >

    Todd Bavol
    President & CEO
    Integrity Staffing Solutions
    Newark DE
    (302) 897-9002
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  • 2.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    2020 Staffing World Attendee
    Posted 11-20-2020 07:34
    Thank you for making us aware of this! It will be interesting to see how this works.

    ​Isaac Kelly, CHRA, CSP, CSC
    Vice President
    Augusta Staffing Associates
    P: 706.860.8909
    M: 706.951.7163

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  • 3.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    Posted 11-20-2020 07:46

    Hi Todd,

    I'm a tech geek that's been directly immersed in this space for the last 5 years so I'll try to add some color.

    Indeed acquired Syft last May. Syft, at the time, was the leading on-demand staffing platform in the UK. Using an app-based approach, they provided candidates and clients with a more modern experience. They primarily operated in the hospitality and light industrial space across the pond. 

    By leveraging candidate smartphones, they can provide significantly better communication than SMS or email which gives their clients faster and more transparent access to talent. Quite similar to Adecco's Adia platform, TrueBlue's Jobstack, and the recently (temporarily) iced UberWorks platforms. There are many more now but those are probably the names most familiar to the majority.

    Instead of trying to build their own, Indeed bought Syft and then brought the platform to the US (quietly) as Indeed Flex earlier this year. Same value props to candidates and clients - a significantly better experience. The major difference from all the others, of course, is their access to the talent pool and the data that they've collected (primarily from staffing agencies) over the years.

    A running joke in tech circles is that it's not the CEOs, the CIOs, or even the CTOs driving digital transformation this year. COVID has accelerated remote-everything and made acceptable things we wouldn't have expected to happen in a decade. I'd expect that Recruit (Indeed's parent company that owns them, Glassdoor, and a lot of other well-known names) intends to capitalize on this shifting landscape and expand quickly. 

    In the staffing industry, we've seen a marked uptick this year from leaders now realizing that the technology is out there and can be had by traditional agencies. Different strategies as well - leveraging the tech in existing lines as well as starting new lines. 

    In my opinion, owners who don't want to take on the challenge of change should plan their exit as the landscape is evolving more rapidly than ever before. There are people here better suited to M&A planning. But for anyone looking to better understand the landscape, and the technology options available to them, my team and I are pretty easy to talk to and we have a very clear mandate to help staffing agencies provide the best in class experience to their candidates and clients.

    Rohan Jacob
    Toronto ON
    (833) 435-8463

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  • 4.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    2020 Staffing World Presenter
    Posted 11-20-2020 10:19
    I feel like Indeed has tried to get into the staffing game for years, unsuccessfully.  They started by offering "direct hire placements" for very low fees and now they are appealing to the UBER or Gig Economy mindset.  There are a couple of questions that come to mind and the first is how they worker gets paid.  It looks like they get paid every two weeks.  In the staffing space they are working in, that is going to turn off some candidates.  In addition, the 'flexer' sets his/her payrate which is going to probably end up discouraging employees who don't get offers as employees traditional ask for higher rates than they qualify for.  It seems to me that companies might not like the ability to vet the employees they hire and these jobs will be few and far between.  It doesn't look like you get to pick from the business perspective and if the work isn't steady, employees will lose interest.  Time will tell and it should have all of looking for ways to continue to compete in the advancing technical world that we are in.  Tools like TimeSaved and WorkN and specialized apps are going to continue to transform our business in the ways in which we interact and communicate with employees.  Definitely a lot of trends to watch.

    Sara Luchsinger PHR, CSP
    Vice President, Organizational Development
    SEEK Careers / Staffing Inc.
    Grafton WI
    (262) 377-8888

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  • 5.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    Posted 11-20-2020 11:27
    Hey Sara,

    You stated that Indeed will be paying every two weeks, however, after taking a quick look at the FAQs on Indeed's website (, it seems as if they will actually be paying weekly on Fridays. This is obviously very similar to many staffing agencies and will most definitely be attractive to potential candidates. Just wanted to make that clarification for anyone who might be looking into this.

    It's time we start investing heavily in our own technologies to continue innovating our industry!

    Schaeffer Warnock
    Marketing Director
    X3 Tradesmen Inc.
    West Jordan UT
    (801) 601-1414

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  • 6.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    2020 Staffing World Presenter
    Posted 11-20-2020 12:07

    You are correct – sorry I misread the FAQ  which states:


    "We run payroll every Friday. On that Friday, you will be paid for jobs completed during the week two weeks prior to payday."


    Good  catch!




    Sara Luchsinger, CSP

    Vice President – Organizational Development


    262-377-8888 |
    Servicing Your Success® Since 1971

    Certified WBE (Woman Business Enterprise)

    20 offices in Wisconsin and Minnesota


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  • 7.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    Posted 11-20-2020 18:03

    I think that staffing firms should be VERY VERY VERY concerned about the impact an Indeed can have on the landscape.  I wrote a very in-depth article titled "Are job boards really Friend or Foe?" on LinkedIn this past August.  The focus of this write-up was on INDEED and it's growth strategy.  

    In full transparency, I'm a job board owner.  Yet, it still confounds me that the staffing agencies continue to feed the very strong, powerful and technologically more advanced beast that will slowly (if not outright quickly) kill their business. 
    You can read it now because what I stated back then is happening RIGHT NOW...not just with the technology of IndeedFlex, but with brick and mortar staffing offices too!  I implore you to read the article...and marinate on it.  It is sobering... 

    Take a read here:

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving All!!!


    Brian Bowman
    President / CEO, LLC
    (828) 209-1010

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  • 8.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    Posted 11-23-2020 20:23
    Great article and very sobering indeed.  Investment in tech and innovation is key.   Thanks for sharing.

    Todd Bavol
    President & CEO
    Integrity Staffing Solutions
    Newark DE
    (302) 897-9002

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  • 9.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    Posted 11-25-2020 12:58

    Wow!  I truly had no idea about any of this going on but now I am "Woke".  

    April Dickson
    Temps Plus Inc.
    Dalton GA
    (706) 275-8541

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  • 10.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    Posted 11-25-2020 15:19
    Thank you Brian for sharing.  Yes facinating trend about how these job boards are getting into the staffing business in sort of a back door way.

    I believe the bigger"threat" to staffing cos if you will, is how far the gov't will go in allowing these E platforms to use 1099s versus W-2's in their placements.

    Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone


    David Schek
    Work Comp Staffing Solutions -
    Rockville MD
    (202) 302-1212

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  • 11.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    Posted 11-24-2020 11:22
    Thanks for sharing. Are they employing people as W2 or going the 1099 route?

    Anthony Pizziol
    Chief Operating Officer
    Bolt Staffing Service Inc.
    American Canyon CA
    (707) 552-7800
    AnthonyPizziolBolt Staffing Service Inc.Chief Operating

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  • 12.  RE: Indeed to enter staffing space

    Posted 11-25-2020 08:34
    Hi Anthony,

    I do not know if Indeed is working with 1099's or W-2's, but we have been contacted and have worked with various E-platforms using W-2's. There is a tremendous challenge to integrate E platforms with work comp, since all work comp programs are part of an underwriting process that is really not automated (with the exception of collecting the client/ job data) I believe this is largely because the carriers try very hard to guard against fraud when it comes to staffing.
    I would be interested to learn more about Indeed's underwriting process if "indeed" they are using W-2's.

    Thank you Anthony.

    David Schek
    Work Comp Staffing Solutions
    American Staffing Association Member
    ASA  Central 2019 Most Valuable Contributor
    ASA PAC Contributor

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