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  • 1.  Candidate Submission Process

    Posted 08-23-2021 12:53
    Hi All,

    I am interested to hear how others present candidates to clients for a job opening. Thank you in advance for any intel you can share!

    1. How does your team currently submit candidates to your clients? (i.e. their resume attached to the email with summary in the body of the email, one email attachment with all info included, web portal, etc.)
    2. Do you submit their entire name or a generic name such as "Candidate A"?
    3. Do you submit photos of your candidates?
    4. Do you have your candidates record a video to send to the client for consideration?

    Kjersten Faseler
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  • 2.  RE: Candidate Submission Process

    Posted 08-25-2021 11:53
    Edited by Jay Mattern 08-25-2021 11:53
    Given that you are placing skilled positions (HR, F&A) you certainly have clients who want to see candidate information prior to selection. Ideally, you want to try and eliminate that requirement during the selling process, but when you can't, it is a step you must take. Even so, you can determine how you will submit candidates (and how many for each role - my staffing firm limited it to no more than three). You should also have agreement on the client's turnaround time once you have submitted a candidate.

    The less information you provide the better. A summary should suffice:

    • Name (I assume you already have an agreement in place that addresses the client hiring someone directly that you submitted)
    • Summary of skills (no resume, no photo, no video)
    • Why they are suited for the role

    Keep it simple!

    Jay Mattern
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