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  • 1.  CSP Test

    Posted 08-26-2021 13:33
    What is the best way to take on studying for this test???

    Amanda Shaw
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  • 2.  RE: CSP Test

    Posted 08-27-2021 01:44
    Hello Amanda--Below are my suggested study tips for CSP exam takers.

     Study suggestions for exam topic breakdown

    • Complete the CSP Practice Exam as a placement test to help narrow your focus by using the Practice Exam Review tool. Make note of the topical areas for questions answered incorrectly and search in the indices of your study materials for further review.
    • Divide your studies by category (i.e. Federal employment Law, State Employment law, Co-Employment and ACA)
    • Divide the Federal employment law and Co-employment information by smaller topic units, to be compared/contrasted with information for State employment law.

     Example: Sample exam topic comparison chart for Federal and Texas employment law

    Federal Employment

    Law Topics and Notes

    Co-Employment Notes

    Texas State Law Topics and Notes

    1. Affordable Care Act
    2. Co-Employment Issues
    3. Employee Agreements/Handbook
    4. Employee Benefits
    5. Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
    6. Ethics
    7. FMLA


    1. State-Discrimination
    2. State-Employee Benefits
    3. State-Leave
    4. State-Wage and Hour



    Using the study materials

    For the CSP certification, please focus on chapters 1-11 only for the Employment Law for Staffing Professionals (14th ed). For all other materials, you will need to study the full materials listed below:

    • Co-Employment: Employer Liability Issues in Third-Party Staffing Arrangements (9th edition)
    • Federal employment law workbook
    • Your State employment law workbook
    • Affordable Care Act study guide
    • Video Study Module 


    • This is an open-book, open notes exam, however exam takers are highly encouraged to only refer to the materials (if highlighted and tagged) sparingly.
    • The exam questions and all study materials are current on Federal and State law as of February 2019. Please do not use any other employment law references, labor regulations, or any other legislation to prepare for the exam. The exam has not been updated to reflect any changes since it's publish date of July 2019. When the publications and exam questions are updated, several announcements will be made.
    • Accommodations for individuals with a documented history of test anxiety, reading/learning disabilities, or any other personal medical issues which may interfere with completing an ASA certification final exam will be made on an individual basis upon request only. If necessary, the standard final exam testing time (two hours) can be extended to 4-6 hours. Requests for an extended final exam time must be submitted via email PRIOR to taking the final exam.
    • The practice exam questions are not the same as the final exam. They are not more difficult or easier, just different. Each exam-practice or final-will consist of randomly selected questions from the practice and final exam pool. Each attempt will produce a different set of questions arranged randomly. Statistically, the final exam score may range approximately 5-10% lower compared to the scores of the practice exam attempts. Ex. If a person averages an 89% on their practice exam, they will probably score 77-79% on their final exam. It advised that exam takers use the practice exam to become familiar with the exam question formats and to not memorise the practice exam questions.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact The Certification directly at

    Kia Matthews
    Education and Certification Specialist
    American Staffing Association
    Alexandria VA
    (703) 253-2057

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  • 3.  RE: CSP Test

    Posted 08-27-2021 09:18

    That is a good question.  And congratulations on taking the steps to become certified!  I know from experience that it is a scary first step - but I will tell you it is so worth it. 

    I will keep this short - read, read, read.  I recommend taking the practice test first; by doing this you will be able to judge what you need to focus more on.  ASA can reset the practice test as many times as it takes.  When I took the exam it was a lot of Federal and State law questions; a lot of "case scenario" questions as well.  Use this networking to asking any questions you may be having difficulty understanding.  The material (books) that ASA provides as well as being able to take the practice test numerous times helps so much!

    Good Luck!  And don't forget to reach out to any of us here!

    Stacy Casaz CSP,CSC
    Staffing Manager
    Neese Personnel
    Oklahoma City OK

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