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  • 1.  Temporary Employee Benefits Options

    Posted 02-15-2022 15:25
    Hi all, 
    I'm looking at revamping our benefits package (not including health insurance but focused on things like paid sick days, PTO, bonuses, etc) and am wondering if anyone would be willing to share what they offer to their temporary staff?  We currently offer health benefits, 401K, holiday bonuses, and service bonuses.

    Lauren Hunter CSP
    Lead Staffing Manager
    Lancaster PA
    (717) 560-2111
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  • 2.  RE: Temporary Employee Benefits Options

    Posted 02-20-2022 17:24
    Hi Lauren, are you referring to staff who are employed on temporary basis? Or "ongoing" employees who do temporary assignments with clients? We have both, and for the first group the only benefit is paid holidays that occur during their assignment. For the latter group, we cover health/dental/vision insurance for the employee, have 3-5 weeks PTO + 6 holidays. and 401(k) with no employer contribution/

    Joyce Lasecke
    Fredrickson Learning
    Saint Paul MN

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  • 3.  RE: Temporary Employee Benefits Options

    Posted 10-11-2022 14:42
    Hi Joyce!  I am responding to your post made back in February.  Do you mind sharing how you have differentiated the "ongoing" employees versus "temps?"  We are in the process of trying to set up two different benefits structures based on job titles or classifications.  Feel free to email me directly - if you prefer. Thanks!

    Joy Douglas CSP
    COO - Talent Acquisition
    ETD Services
    Livonia MI

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