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  • 1.  Diversity Recruiting

    Posted 06-10-2020 17:41

    We are looking for others that have had success with reaching candidates with diversity recruiting initiatives. We are wanting to engage with all communities/populations in our local markets. Does anyone market jobs in different languages, etc to attract a diverse candidate base? Does anyone have a strategy that has worked well? I look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback.

    Erin Kopec
    Marketing Director
    Marion IL
    (618) 993-9675
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  • 2.  RE: Diversity Recruiting

    Posted 06-17-2020 13:17
    Hi there!

    Thank you for bringing this up!  Systemic bias is hard to overcome and it starts with the language used in our marketing materials, job board posts and other public facing information. You would be surprised how natural and inherent bias is passed through our written work.

    This is a good peer-review of how inclusion driven initiatives are only as effective as the fountainhead they spring from:

    More supporting evidence:

    It comes down to, what is diversity to your team, what is the purpose behind the initiative, and who is working toward the goal?

    In prior roles, I've had a lot of success with colleagues and inclusivity by being genuinely interested in going to the places my audience is. Internally, the colleagues that volunteer and are excited to contribute to this initiative are going to be the most successful representatives and recruiters as well.

    RiAnn Bradshaw
    Director of Marketing
    BlueSky Medical Staffing Software
    Nashville TN
    (615) 349-1985

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