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  • 1.  Plans for Post-COVID Re-Entry Ideas

    Posted 03-23-2021 14:31
    Hello all,

    I'm conducting research and need some solid data points regarding feedback/plans for what companies are doing to prepare for re-entry "post" COVID.  Here are the specific questions for the research:

    • What does your (or your client's re-entry) plan look like?  Perhaps an outline or a few bullets?  (No client names, of course, but if you can define the industry, that is helpful.)
    • Was there a flex work program in place PRE Covid?
    • What, if any, does a flex work program look like POST-Covid?

    If you have any data/analytics to support your program/plan, that would be most helpful.  Also, sharing any resources I can further research is greatly appreciated as well.  Thank you all, in advance!


    CJ Rodriguez, President
    Las Vegas, NV
    Tel. 702.596.5550
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  • 2.  RE: Plans for Post-COVID Re-Entry Ideas

    Posted 03-24-2021 08:39
    Well done, CJ! I'd love to see the results of your findings.

    My unofficial observations are that there has not been much time or attention devoted to strategically thinking about structural or operational changes to the staffing organization's business model. We've been "reacting" rather than "responding" to the circumstances that have presented themselves. COVID has certainly opened the door to giving consideration to adjustments that need to be made in order to continue to be competitive and offer a unique value proposition.

    Jay Mattern
    TerraFirma Marketing
    South Bend IN
    (574) 213-3855

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  • 3.  RE: Plans for Post-COVID Re-Entry Ideas

    Posted 03-25-2021 01:21

    Hi Everyone –


    It is certainly interesting how everyone reacted to COVID.  We never really changed anything.  We pretty much stayed the course the entire time.  Stayed open – wore masks, practiced social distancing best we could & wiped stuff down constantly.  Other than that we did not change anything.  I gave my staff the option and they all chose to come to the office every day.  And to be honest, I think it helped us succeed as the feedback from our clients was that we were able to get them a lot more people than other services working remotely/hybrid.  


    Have a good one!


    Carl Rudolph, CSP

    Owner / General Manager

    C: 610-741-5260


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    "Helping your company build a winning team!"



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  • 4.  RE: Plans for Post-COVID Re-Entry Ideas

    Posted 03-25-2021 07:29

    Hi CJ,
    We just finished conducting a survey on remote work practices post-pandemic as clients started to ask us what other businesses were thinking and/or doing.  We had 253 primarily Wisconsin based companies respond (see attached picture for participant profiles to see ownership/#of employees/industry breakdown).

    Some of the key findings were as follows: 

    • 90% of organizations plan to allow remote work in some capacity post-pandemic
    • 73% of organizations are projected to have some employees who work remotely at least half-time or more post-pandemic (currently, this is 87%) - see attached picture for breakdown by industry
    • 91% of organizations indicated that they will use at least one qualifier to determine which jobs/employees are able to work remotely post-pandemic, with the top qualifier being jobs that do not require a physical presence (64%) followed by employees who receive manager approval to work remotely (44%)
    • Less than half of organizations will require a set number of days an employee will be expected to work from a worksite location. 39% of organizations indicated that it would vary or be on an as needed basis.
    • 50% of employees are estimated to be working remotely at present and this figure it projected to decline to 20% post-pandemic
    • 94% of organizations say that employees have met or exceeded performance expectations while working remotely. 
    • 82% of organizations are concerned about managing employee expectations related to work location post pandemic
    Hopefully this data can help with your research.  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or call!

    Tara Conger
    The QTI Group
    Madison WI
    (608) 230-8062

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  • 5.  RE: Plans for Post-COVID Re-Entry Ideas

    Posted 03-24-2021 09:29
    For your research, perhaps put together a quick survey and drop the link on ASA Central? 

    Anecdotally, I'm with Jay...none of these changes were anticipated or planned for.
    Some companies did really well, others struggled to get up and running remotely. 

    Now that both our firm and clients have been working this way for over a year, we anticipate much more flexibility when people "return to the office". 
    We have clients that plan for everyone to return to their office, but more often we're hearing plans for a mix of onsite and remote work and some openness to totally remote positions depending on the role. None of this seems firm, planned completely, or with a timeline.

    Kristen Harris CSP
    COO • Co-Creator
    Portfolio Creative
    Columbus OH
    (614) 839-4897

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