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  • 1.  Job Order for Direct Hire

    Posted 01-15-2020 11:17
    ​Hello ASA family,

    I will like to hear what is your office practice  when it comes to having recruiters work on direct hire orders.
    Currently I assign the order  to one recruiter, but  now I am thinking that if that recruiter  cannot  fill it in a certain amount of time, I should open up to all recruiters in our office.
    Any advise as to what should be the time limit?

    Ray Rafeek
    Admiral Staffing Inc.
    New York NY
    (212) 714-3543
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  • 2.  RE: Job Order for Direct Hire

    2020 Staffing World Attendee
    Posted 01-15-2020 13:58

    Right now, we do have our Direct Hire orders assigned to one Recruiter. But, I like you, have concerns that this may not be in the best interest of our client or company. One of our major competitors opens their DH orders up to all the Recruiters to submit candidates with one point person (Account Manager) submitting those resumes to the client. If you think about it, one of the strengths of a client having a VMS is that they have many Recruiters working on their orders. PS - We toyed with the idea of allowing a Recruiter 72 hours exclusive on the DH; if qualified candidates are not submitted and interviews scheduled within that time frame, we would open the DH up to other Recruiters.

    Cathy Volpe
    HB Staffing

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  • 3.  RE: Job Order for Direct Hire

    Posted 01-18-2020 10:10
    I like Cathys idea.

    This reminds me of how realtors work. If the realtor can find a buyer and seller, they get all the commission. But the realtor also puts it on MLS and if another realtor brings a buyer then they split the commission. Something is better than nothing, right?

    Perhaps you can have one AE that owns the lead and handles client contact and can 72 hours exclusive, and then the other Recruiters can give resumes and if theirs win then the commission gets split. So the person assigned is guaranteed to get at least half for managing the process.


    (Keep in mind I am an insurance broker and while Iknow the staffing business, I certainly don't know it as well as Cathy, Ray or the other owners on this board.

    Jonathan Carroll
    Staffing Specialist
    Bradley & Parker
    Melville NY
    (631) 650-4034

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  • 4.  RE: Job Order for Direct Hire

    2020 Staffing World Attendee
    Posted 01-20-2020 03:07
       In our office we have DH orders assigned to a recruiter as a point of contact but we have a 15 middle huddle every morning to discuss every position and new candidates we think would be a great fit for those positions if we don't already have a candidate submitted.

    Courtney Otero CSP
    Remote Talent Acquisition Coordinator
    Alaska Executive Search Inc.
    Anchorage AK
    (907) 276-5707

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  • 5.  RE: Job Order for Direct Hire

    Posted 01-21-2020 09:22
    Great question Ray!

    We are a small agency.  Including myself, there is one other Staffing Manager.  When we receive a DH job order from a client, whether it be a new or returning client, we each work on it!  We see it as......the client is working with one agency but they are getting two different talent pools - giving us the ability for a timely turnaround in getting talent to them!  For the most part, we will each submit our best candidates for consideration.  However, there are times that the client prefers one point of contact; at that time, all candidates are submitted through one individual, still keeping in mind that each one is performing their own sourcing, prescreening, interviewing, etc.!

    I love seeing how other agency's run their operations!  Thank you for this open ended conversation!

    Stacy Casaz CSP,CSC
    Staffing Manager
    Neese Personnel
    Oklahoma City OK
    (405) 942-8551

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