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  • 1.  Diversity and Inclusion Training

    Posted 06-29-2021 18:02
    Hello All,
    I'm in the process of creating DE&I training for small staffing firms within our network.  In addition to general education our members have shown an interest in discussing critical scenarios regarding requests from clients to fill specific positions with candidates that put the recruiters in a position of potentially discriminating.  For example: we only want a women for this position.  How do you coach clients on the legal responsibility that recruiters have NOT to discriminate but also find the best fit for the client's position. I'm curious if other staffing firms have run across this issue and how do you handle a request such as this?  We also want to educate clients on the benefits of having a diverse workforce.  Any suggestions or examples you have encountered and are willing to share would be greatly appreciated.   

    Stacy Napoles
    Director of Coaching and Development
    Sanford Rose Associates International
    Plano TX
    (972) 931-5242

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  • 2.  RE: Diversity and Inclusion Training

    Posted 06-30-2021 17:41
    Hi @Stacy Napoles

    Great question! We also have an Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Advocacy Interest Group full of members who work in the DEI space; it may be helpful to cross-post there as well. 

    Additionally, we will be hosting a panel discussion on How to Build Your DEI Program on July 21, at 3:00 p.m. ET. The panel consists of members of the IDEA Group Council and a member of the ASA Board of Directors. Registration is free and available online.

    Haley Jones, CAE
    Senior Manager, Member Engagement
    American Staffing Association
    Alexandria VA
    (703) 253-2020

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  • 3.  RE: Diversity and Inclusion Training

    Posted 07-01-2021 15:57
    Edited by Kristen Harris 07-02-2021 08:13
    Hi Stacy, 

    I think the keyword you used is "educate." We get requests similar to what you mentioned, many of which come from what I choose to believe are good intentions. i.e. they genuinely want to create more diversity on their team. Let's be honest, sometimes clients do make requests that are intentionally exclusive as well. Either way, we handle it the same way. 

    We assure our clients that we will identify our best candidates for the role, and we work hard to make our talent pool as inclusive as possible. If we present the client with a diverse and varied slate of candidates, it's much more likely that a more diverse candidate will be hired. And to present them with a diverse and varied slate of candidates, we have to purposefully recruit in different locations and include as many people as possible in our talent pool.

    Where it becomes challenging is when a client insists on only seeing a certain type of candidate, as you mentioned "we only want a woman for this position." We kindly let them know that we'll present our best candidates for the role, will make all efforts to include female candidates, but we never exclude a strong candidate based on race, gender, or any other protected class. We are nice about it, but we don't promise something that would be discriminatory. 

    In addition, all of our Recruiters are ASA-certified CSPs so their radar goes up when they hear a request like this. They ask questions to understand why the client has made this request, which gives them insight into the real need or desire. Then they reiterate the assurance that we'll provide our best candidates regardless of gender, age, etc. 

    I hope that makes sense and is helpful!

    Kristen Harris
    COO • Co-Creator
    Portfolio Creative
    Columbus OH
    (614) 839-4897

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  • 4.  RE: Diversity and Inclusion Training

    Posted 07-02-2021 08:40
    Edited by Jay Mattern 07-02-2021 08:40
    "Thank you for providing me with additional information regarding your staffing requirements. We are committed to operating our company according to all local, state and federal employment laws. We are also sensitive to the different needs of our clients. We will always provide the most qualified candidates for each role, based on the unique job requirements and skills necessary."

    I think the most important issue here is providing the right talent for each role and not becoming a conduit for a client's DE&I program. That's really not our job. Also, don't forget that staffing firms are always under a higher level of scrutiny from various regulatory agencies. It is important that as an industry, we maintain the highest level of integrity possible.

    Jay Mattern
    TerraFirma Marketing
    South Bend IN
    (574) 213-3855

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  • 5.  RE: Diversity and Inclusion Training

    Posted 07-20-2021 10:34
    Hi Stacy,

    This is still very common where Hiring Managers will have an ASK that is not in line with equal opportunity hiring practices. We always focus on understanding their true need. Once we know their pain points, we use that opportunity to educate them. We are an equal opportunity employer and show them how we will provide them with a diverse pool of talent that can benefit with their needs. I will say, most of the times there was a lack of understanding and have gotten complete support and understanding thereafter.

    Hope this helps.

    Geetanjali Moorjani
    EVP Operations & Talent Management
    Rangam Consultants Inc.
    Somerset NJ
    (908) 704-8843

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