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  • 1.  Volunteering / Community Involvement

    2020 Staffing World Attendee
    Posted 02-17-2021 14:03
    Our company has three annual community drives each year, one to provide personalized holiday gifts for every senior at an assisted living home, holiday gifts to every participant at a facility that helps people with disabilities, and providing backpacks full of supplies to students (the backpacks didn't happen this year due to Covid).

    I would like to encourage our staff to volunteer and would like to put a program in place.  Would you recommend picking one organization as a company to volunteer at?  Would you leave it to the employee's discretion on where to volunteer?  And how do you reward the employees to do so? 

    Thanks for any input.

    Michelle Hodapp CSP
    Excel Personnel Services
    Lompoc CA
    (805) 735-6723
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  • 2.  RE: Volunteering / Community Involvement

    Posted 02-17-2021 19:40
    Hi Michelle,

    We are in the People Business-so volunteering is a major part of our Job.
    I believe the more you Give the more you will Grow with your company and yourself!!
    "If you tell your staff that this will help them Grow in all aspects of their life, then you should have everyone excited about volunteering"

    I like to have volunteer opportunities through out the year-it keeps us involved in our community all the time!!

    Some examples:
    Urban Gardens(Feeds the Homeless)
    Local Community Clean up Day
    United Way Day
    Autism Speaks
    Birdhouses outside Nursing Homes
    Think Pink Tuesday(Breast Cancer Podcast I host all day for Cancer Survivors to Tell their Inspirational Stories)
    and yes Ringing the Bell for Salvation Army(Love It)!!!

    Be awesome to chat about this sometime in the near future!!
    Volunteer is my middle name:):)!!!!

    Richard Rosner
    Founder-Job Agent
    Staffing Shark
    Lemont Furnace PA
    (724) 880-6760

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  • 3.  RE: Volunteering / Community Involvement

    Posted 02-18-2021 09:45
    Community involvement and support is critical not only to your business but to the growth of your community as well. As it is often said, "a rising tide lifts all boats." A couple thoughts for you:

    • I would develop relationships with several non-profit organizations ( up to, say, three) in your community that you can support. Your company would be considered an "official sponsor" of these organizations. 
    • You can then expand your community involvement into a year-round effort.
    • Create a special Volunteer Time Off account (VTO) that allows your staff to take paid time off to volunteer for the organizations that you sponsor.
    • Track this number, report on it regularly and recognize those who drive the program.
    • You might even create a special year-end reward for the person who uniquely supports your organization's charities.

    Best of luck to you!

    Jay Mattern
    TerraFirma Marketing
    South Bend IN
    (574) 213-3855

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  • 4.  RE: Volunteering / Community Involvement

    2020 Staffing World Attendee
    Posted 02-22-2021 19:03
    Hi Michelle!

    I applaud you for encouraging your staff to get involved in your community. 

    We created a VTO program where our internal staff receives 16 hours of Volunteer Time Off yearly that they can use to volunteer at an approved community organization or charity that is aligned with some key areas we support in our community.  I'll be happy to discuss details with you is if you're interested.  Feel free to connect with me any time. 

    Jacqueline Rivera
    1st Employment Staffing
    Fayetteville AR
    (479) 717-2910

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