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Benchmarking - Payroll Coordinator - # of contractors

  • 1.  Benchmarking - Payroll Coordinator - # of contractors

    Posted 02-22-2022 08:40

    For a Payroll Coordinator position, where the role entails managing all the reported hours for timecards in VMS timecard systems and other
    timecard systems to report hours for payroll, please provide the Benchmarking for the # of contractors (Resources) that one Payroll coordinator is responsible for
    handling with the responsibility of finalizing the hours reported for each pay week and invoicing the clients for the hours reported.

    Ex: For 2000 contractors, how many payroll coordinators are needed.

    Please share any other info on how to structure the roles for all the tasks involved for full cycle for time card management through invoicing the clients each week.

    Thank you

    Theresa Federico


    Theresa Federico
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