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  • 1.  Employees Working Remotely

    Posted 05-20-2020 12:22
    Good afternoon,

    In these current times we have a good deal of employees working remotely. It is going well and if we decide to keep this mode of operation for the foreseeable future, does anyone have a type of communication that works where the employee documents their work for the day?  I am not saying I have any doubts they are not working, but I think there needs to be some accountability if an employee is working from home because they don't  feel comfortable being in the office right now.

    Any information would certainly be helpful and appreciated greatly!!!

    Voni Walker CSP
    Walker Business and Staffing Services Inc.
    Wellsville NY
    (585) 593-6129
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  • 2.  RE: Employees Working Remotely

    Posted 05-21-2020 07:47
    Our process is simple. We have a morning Zoom meeting each day to see where everyone is on their work, answer questions etc. That tends to keep them accountable because we will ask about progression of their work.

    At the end of each day we ask them to email a Task list for the day so we can see in general what they accomplished.

    If someone is extremely low on work we know it is hard to motivate so we will assign measurable tasks to them to complete.

    Renee Fulton CPA
    Talis Group Inc.
    Louisville KY
    (502) 581-9861

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  • 3.  RE: Employees Working Remotely

    Posted 05-21-2020 14:05

    Why not (just) clearly define the outcomes each WFH worker is responsible for?


    Achieving those outcomes while representing your firm as Ambassadors in your marketplace legally, ethically and professionally should be what matters more than how, where or when they got their work done.


    Admittedly, this is easy to say and hard to do because it represents a huge paradigm shift for most Supervisors who have relied on "you have to see 'em to know they're working" theory.


    Keep it simple and be available if they need help meeting their goals that you've both agreed on.




    Brian Kennedy CPC
    R.A. Cohen Consulting
    Tel.: 416.229.6462

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  • 4.  RE: Employees Working Remotely

    Posted 05-22-2020 16:37
    Hey Voni!
    Can you send me an email at and i will email you our templates on Tuesday

    Charles Harkola
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    The Nurse Connection Staffing
    Albany NY
    (518) 459-6612

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