Staffing Tip: Leveraging information to attract passive job seekers

By Phil McCutchen posted 03-10-2014 13:35



The growing competition in the marketplace is demonstrating the power of having a reputable recruiting firm provide access to in-demand professionals. According to Jobvite’s annual Social Job Seeker Survey, fewer Americans are looking for a job, yet many professionals are open to new opportunities if they come calling. The organization surveyed 1,029 workers, with 9 percent saying they were actively looking for a new position – much less than the 16 percent recorded in 2011.

Despite the fact that many professionals stated that they were not working toward finding a new position, the number of passive seekers who would accept a job offer if it were made increased significantly. A passive job seeker is defined as someone who is already employed, but also open to new opportunities. They are not necessarily unhappy with their current position, but may be willing to switch companies if the right offer was presented. ERE reported that 69 percent of workers would be open to hearing about a potential position, compared to 61 percent recorded for the previous year.

Although the percentage of workers who are looking for a new job has declined and passive job seeking is on the rise, it’s up to staffing and recruiting professionals to use all of the resources available to them to meet clients’ needs.